RAW Essence, Luxury Hair Company is the industry leader of the World’s most precious rare RAW hair that the World has to offer. In order to source the best hair known to man, RAW Essence traveled to various remote villages around the World to source its hair from rare groups of donors whose lifestyle and diets ensured their hair’s utmost nourishment, texture, and luster.

Serving as the industry leader in the World’s most precious and rare hair, RAW Essence commits itself to guarantee that all of our hair is 100% free of chemicals, dyes, synthetic fibers, steam processing, and fillers by sourcing our hair directly. In doing so, Raw Essence is able to oversee every meticulous detail from choosing our donors, guaranteeing the collection of hair remains cuticle intact and aligned, as well as manually arranging all hair to get the same length and make certain all cuticles are going in the same direction. After arrangement, our hair is wefted and inspected in order to remove any white hairs and/or foreign particles.

At RAW Essence, we pride ourselves on delivering not only the HIGHEST quality hair the World has to offer but also the highest quality customer service experience. Our transparent and easy to navigate online platform ensures that each and every customer leaves more knowledgeable about our products and the hair industry than they came. We guarantee that every purchase is secure and accurate and have a team of dedicated quality control experts processing your orders and knowledgeable customer service agents to address your questions.