RAW South East Asian (formerly Laotian) WAVY

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Our RAW South East Asian (formerly Laotian) Wavy hair is incredibly thick and beautiful with a natural medium to high luster and wave pattern allowing it to flat iron silky straight and hold curls effortlessly. This hair is sourced directly from various countries in South East Asia itself and is made with 100% UNPROCESSED Single Donor hair with cuticles intact and aligned. GUARANTEED to last up to 5 years PLUS with proper care and maintenance!

Product Description:

  • Hair Origin: South East Asia
  • Color: Light to Natural Brown/Black 
  • Single Donor, Cuticles Intact, Cuticle Aligned  
  • Machine Weft
  • Can be colored, cut, flat ironed and curled.
  • 1 bundle is approximately 3.5 to 4 oz.
  • Our Hair is sourced directly from South East Asia

PLEASE NOTE: Due to its RAW nature, the color and wave pattern will vary from bundle to bundle.


How many bundles do I need?

12-14 inches: 2 or more bundles recommended

16-18 inches: 3 or more bundles recommended

20-24 inches: 3-4 bundles or more recommended

26 inches and Longer-4-6  bundles or more recommended


HAIR IS MEASURED WHEN PULLED STRAIGHT. Approximate shrinkage while in wavy state is 1.5 inches. Please put this into consideration when making your length selections.