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RAW Essence Adjustable Lace Melt Band is great for laying edges, wigs, closures, and frontals to perfectly melt those baby hairs and lace into place! This band is extremely easy to use with velcro on both ends to adjust the tightness and firmness of your desired hold. Our bands are also made of ultra-fine polyester fiber and high elastic natural latex, which can be stretched to double its size to ensure it will fit every head size and not slip off. 

Multiple Uses:

  • Easy to use velcro adjustable band helps comfortably melt your lace into your skin 
  • Keeps lace intact throughout the duration of your install 
  • Secures and preserves baby hairs and edges both in daytime and while sleeping
  • Great for removing hair out of your face while exercising, applying makeup, styling your hair, etc. 
  • Can help relay lace if experiencing lifting 
  • Perfect with use on Adhesive and Glueless Installations


How to use:

  1. Glue or Gel your wig/baby hairs down as normal
  2. Using your melt band, open the velcro and place the band on the edges of your hairline
  3. Adjust the band and close the velcro to your liking so it is comfortable and firm
  4. While you style the rest of your or hair, allow the band to stay for at least 5-10 minutes
  5. Undo the velcro and slowly remove the band from the hairline
  6. VOILA! You are now melted and ready to go!